Monday, 19 December 2016

This is my second Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright. And all of them twice I was not very happy. A year later, the excellent work of both the vacuum just stopped Norman draw dirt. Even ancient rocket was far more powerful and effective. But after the failure of the first I did not convince my husband, and he again bought Shark Navigator . The first year I was happy, and the second agony swept him with a broom. It helps neither the replacement filters or buy any branded fluids. My nerves have passed, and he also traveled to relocate to the village. At this time, I persuaded to buy another vacuum cleaner. But recently I was able to revive the old. About how I sdela I'll explain later. First I write a brief overview of the beast.

The main thing is to say - it's huge! It's not a lady's car as for me. But to work with him, I never refused. Without water it is heavy, and water and even more so. But he's agile. Because if you do not have private or multi-storey building multi-level apartment, then to drag it to you almost do not have to. Before buying just think of where it will have to live you - in my case, it took a whole branch of wardrobe.

What I think is good, so is its rubber wheels - for those who have parquet is important!

The length of the cord - I personally miss her. And in every room I turn it into a separate outlet.

Brushes - a set of three - slit, for furniture and turbo. Everything worked perfectly. Turbo - copes with carpets. All brushes are kept in a special box in the vacuum cleaner and do not have anywhere to run - they are always there.

Telescopic tube - for my height 173 cm at maximum it is even too big, but still very easy to be adjusted.

The weak point of this device, as for me, this water tank. Collect it simple (I compare with Thomas), but that's not really wash. Most of all I hate the knee in the tank. If not, it is generally used no problems. This knee often stuck something big and get it oh how not easy.

In addition, it is located on the tank rezinochka, which became the cause of the poor performance of the vacuum cleaner. So, what to do if your karcher lost power and badly pulls ?! That this rezinochka, which is a kind of seal of the tank when the connection to the device, you need a little lift. Those. over time, it seems to be imprinted in the tank and poluchaetsya not tight connection. From here and the loss of power.

It is worth mentioning separately. Main filter then of course water. All the dirt settles to the main tank. Due to this, there is no dust in the air after cleaning. Then there is a filter to protect the engine. It is clean and it should be done pretty frequently. Over time it wears out and has to be changed. If you have a house or a large apartment - then at least once a year. If the apartment is 1-2 to 1 times in 2-3 years will be sufficient. In the fine dust filter is clogged and wool, which is not settled in the first filter. (Replacement cost 700-800 USD). Next comes the HEPA filter 13. As the manufacturer, it protects from mites, bacteria and so on. But I do not believe it. After several years of use - it is clean. (Replacement of the filter is 350-400 UAH). All filters you can install yourself. So do not call the master or worse clatter the vacuum cleaner to a service center.